A Little Bit About Me

Like many of you, I started as a home baker with a desire to make amazing creations for my friends, my family and ultimately, my kids. My passion soon turned into a booming cupcake business and now, and online community of millions (and millions!) of sweet enthusiasts and dedicated bakers around the world. Whether you're watching my fully comprehensive baking videos on the My Cupcake Addiction YouTube channel, catching snappy sweet ideas on my Facebook page or drawn to the drool-worthy desserts on my Instagram feed I've always embraced the idea that Life Is Sweet, but it can always be a little bit sweeter...


Sweet Beginnings...

I've loved baking since I was a child and in 2008, while working as a flight attendant, my best friend and I started exploring the idea of opening a cupcake business together. While our joint cupcake dream never eventuated, I kept baking and experiementing with flavours until everyone around me had put on a sufficient amount of weight and urged me to sell my creations at a local market. Long story short, I quit the flying game, took an administrative job by day and baked furiously at night, selling my homemade cupcakes at a local beachfront market stand affectionately named 'Cupcake Addiction'. I can remember working through the night to bake over 700 cupcakes in a variety of wildly decorated flavors out of my small, one-oven kitchen, and in not too much time at all, my stand became a hit, consistently selling out week after week. Of course the baking bug had well and truly bitten me by then so I began branching out, selling creative custom-ordered cakes and cupcakes for weddings, birthdays and special events.


And then... The Internet!

I had so many requests from customers to show them how I made my cakes and cupcakes and in 2010, I seriously contemplated opening a baking school where I could arm everyday home cooks with skills and tricks to easily recreate my designs, without the need for fancy equipment or advanced pastry degrees. My tech-savvy husband Alec suggested using YouTube to test my teaching skills so in late 2011, just months after the birth of my first son Oliver, and having never before used YouTube, I posted my first My Cupcake Addiction video tutorial for a Cookie Monster Cupcake with no idea what to expect. Before long positive feedback, increasing views and enthusiastic online engagement (you guys!) started pouring in and within 6 months I was regularly uploading new videos each week. Balancing my growing channel with the demands of the cupcake stand proved a challenge so in 2013 I closed the stand to focus solely on making sweet videos for the internet.


The Icing on The Cake

I'd always wanted to study Pastry but at 30, I thought I'd missed my window. I was already working way too many hours, had an active 1 year old and knew expanding my family was on the horizon. An opportunity came up and I decided to throw caution to the wind and work hard to achieve what had been a lifelong dream - To become a Pastry Chef! I completed my final assesment 8 days before my second son, Jacob was born and I couldn't have been prouder.


There's Always Room For a Little More...

After receiving thousands of requests from you guys, I'm so excited to see my first book Sweet! Celebrations publish this October. Sweet! Celebrations showacses my unique and creative take on entertaining and event styling with themed recipes, DIY projects to elevate your desserts and budget-friendly party décor to take your Sweet Celebrations to the next level. My book is full of new, never before seen recipes and creative ideas for entertaining throughout the year - from Valentine's Day through to Christmas and everything in between! What's next for this busy little baker? Who knows, but you can guarantee it will be Sweet!